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Car Accidents & Seatbelts

Car Accidents & Seatbelts
Posted May 2 2007 01:30 PM by Lewisk 
Filed under: Editorials

Accident Pic

One crazy weekend...

And this is how it began. I t all started Friday night when a few friends of mine talked me into driving out to Arizona to visit for the weekend and go to a concert there. I really didn,t take much convincing now that I think about it but non the less, convince me is what they did.  So i went to be early to prepare for the 5 PI  hour drive that awaited me the morning that followed. 4:00 AM rolls around and I finally head out on my quest for Arizona. I hope in my little Hyundai Elantra, to save me gas rather than driving a V8 Silverado with mud tires, And head on my merry way. Nothing but me, My car, and my Ipod on the open road. Well I am now about 3 hours into my drive and the sun is starting to come up, Its peaking over the mountain and shining in my eyes. I suddenly see something in the road and swerve to miss what ever it may be and my tires run over some dirt on the shoulder area. I try to correct it and pull it back onto the highway, but I over correct and lose control. My car spins out across the highway and I roll off the side. Not once, twice or three times but four times! I can still hear the sounds around me, I tell ya, that was one heck of a ride. Once I finally stop rolling I realize I landed topside which is a good thing but I see the engine smoking. I unhook my seatbelt and climb out the driver side window. I take one look at the car and realize I shouldn,t have been able to climb out. I check myself for scratches and I find one on my left arm that looks more like a carpet burn. Luckily a couple truck drivers stopped and made sure everything was fine, thank God they did, my cell phone was thrown from the car during one of my acrobatic rolls. Well after all the police reports, insurance claims and towing expenses I finally got to go home and rest. The moral of this story is always wear your seatbelt. I usually am partial to it, I am not one to always put it on, weather I,m a passenger or the driver. I know it,s annoying to hear at time and it gets in the way. But I do have to say, the seatbelt is what saved my life. So buckle up out there and be safe.


Wow... thats incedible man. Your lucky... thank god your still here.

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