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My Tire Got Slashed
Posted May 4 2009 05:54 PM by ROOOSTER 
Filed under: Editorials, Auto Suspension


And there wasn't even a spare tire...

It is a bummer when you think you have everything under control and then shortly there after, have it crumble before your eyes. I had gotten a call from my painter, Joe Rubio, who mentioned to me that I had a great chance at catching some additional images of the El Camino before they moved it. Plus, we were waiting on some more supplies from Eastwood. I gathered my things and began the trek through Beverly Hills and up the "hill." However, I never offically got "up" anything. I was cruising through the residental neighborhood when my vehicle notified me that one or all of my tires were low. Thinking it was a techno-fluke, I cleared the message, only to find it reappear with much more enthusiasm. The car started getting squirrely so I pulled off the side just before I made my way up the canyon switchbacks. Sure enough, the left rear tire was gonig flat, right before my very eyes. I had no choice but to get out the spare tire and change it. What's the catch? I was lacking a spare tire, which was removed when my rim was damaged in an accident. Four hours later, a trip on a flat bed and some foul language I was at my parents house with the car and a flat. Good thing I kept one of the four original tires that came with the car when i bought it new from the factory. Phew! I made a trip to the local tire shop, Northridge Tire Pros where Sarah Kelso, a fellow drag-racer got me handled. From there, I was off to put the tire and rim back on the car. Wow, what a way to spend the Friday. Not only did I NOT get the images I was after, but I spent most of the day doing nothing and being frustrated. 

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