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Transmission Mission

TCI Super Street Fighter transmission, The Hellion
Posted July 6 2012 08:33 AM by CHPJake 
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The Hellion's Transmission, a TCI Auto Super Street Fighter TH400

So we decided to run TCI Auto's Super Street Fighter TH400 in our Nova project car, and I'm actually thinking about putting it behind the I6 engine to see how it would change the drivability.

 The car runs great now with the PowerGlide, but it's a little clunky when I put it into gear, so I'm thinking that will be the first thing to go out, good thing we got a tight trans on the way for it. I'm wondering what a loose converter and another gear would do for the 'ol girl, maybe when it's done getting painted I'll swap the trans, then move on to the suspension. One thing I have to do before I start crawling under it is, wash the hell out of the under carriage and engine bay. After I got it soda blasted, it looked like white frosting caked underneath, and after the body work, with all the Bondo dust, I expect it to be even more frothy. I typically paint the underside of my cars with DupliColor engine paint, believe it or not, because it comes out smooth like a powdercoating.    

John Gilbert
John Gilbert

A TH400 behind a 230? Sounds like a bad idea. From what I've heard a TH400 consumes 75hp of parasitic loss... of course you could bolt on five more 1-barrel carbs, and maybe lose another 25hp. Gee, I think we've used up all your available horsepower. Sorry, Jake, this morning's coffee has left me with kind of a mean streak.I am enjoying reading about your progress, keep it up.

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